Dill Pickle Deep Fried Peanuts 10oz.

So darn good.. eat’m all, shell n’ all! OR shell'em like a roasted peanut, either way they are absolutely delish!

Our new flavor is a big dill!!  The dill pickle flavor packs a salty but tangy punch...they will definitely keep you coming back for more!

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      George Barker
      Oooò soòoo goood

      Definitely be ordering more

      Gary Burchfield
      Best Peanuts in the world

      I am a great lover of anything Dill, almost anything. Our son and his family took a trip down south about a month ago, and picked up a bag of these southern deep fried dill pickle peanuts, I opened the bag just as soon as they handed them to me, I always put the whole shell of any kind of peanuts in my mouth and try to get all the salt off of them and eat shell and all, so I did the same with these deep fried Dill peanuts, they were great, but I also tried opening the peanut and just eat the nut inside, to my surprise for the first time in all my years and I am 70 yrs old, the peanut inside just by it's self had the best flavor of any peanut I have ever eaten of any brand of peanuts. We live here in Kentucky and I tried to find these same brand of peanuts, but couldn't, but my wife was smart enough to keep the bag I had received from my son, and was going to order me some from the web site off the bag for my birthday. Well I just received 2 big bags of the Great tasting peanuts, and I have now bookmarked the web site on our PC, and now will be able to continue to order from this company as long as they stay in business. Thanks Gary

      susan phillips
      Dill Pickle Peanuts

      These are good, fast shipping as always. Best peanuts ever are made by these people.

      Charlie M
      Not a lot of dill or pickle flavor

      Good fried peanuts...but not flavorful

      Eddie Edwards
      Dill Pickle Peanuts

      Strange as it might sound…they are pretty darn good!!! I will more than likely buy them until I lose all my teeth or become peanut intolerant. 😂😂😂

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