Salted Fry Roasted Peanuts 8oz.

These Jumbo Peanuts are fried to perfection, roasting the kernel to nutty goodness. Seasoned on the outside, suck 'em - shell 'em - eat 'em, like a sunflower seed - but a peanut! Fun, Flavorful & Fantastic.

*The shell CANNOT be eaten on the Fry Roasted Peanuts*

Customer Reviews

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Stacy G. Scott
Great nuts.

Got some of these at a store in Dillard GA while on vacation there loved them and I ate them all and had to find more. Really satisfied at how easy it was to find the same ones online and the order was easy and the shipping was pretty fast. Will be getting more from you in the future.

Julia Derry-Sanders
Great Job!

Great Peanuts!

Ken E.
Good But Not Your Best

After trying to order some more deep fried salted peanuts ( Which were not available ) I saw the fry roasted peanuts and thought I would give them a try. I will give you this much, they are better than your normally roasted peanuts that are available at most retail stores BUT they are not even close to being as delicious as the deep fried salted peanuts. The flavor is just not as good so I’ll be saving my money until the deep fried peanuts are available again..
The deep fried are sooooo good and I have to say addictive as well, once you start it’s difficult to stop.

Gary Newton
Tongue tingler peanuts

They're really good

The least salty salted peanut

I tried these. They are super bland. A hint of salt on the shell and nothing on the inside. The worst excuse for a salted peanut I've ever tried. Who gave this five stars? Maybe the flavored varieties are good, but this one leaves peanut lovers disappointed with its overwhelming blandness.

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