Pecan Brittle

Our old-fashioned, irresistible pecan brittle is handmade with real butter and fresh pecans.  Made in small batches with time-tested copper kettles and stretched thin to give it that delicious crunch.  Try some today!

  • 8 oz. bag

*We cannot ship our Brittles when temperatures exceed 75 degrees as the Brittles will melt during shipping. When the temperature exceeds 75 degrees, our Brittles will be marked out of stock.*

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Bird
The good stuff

First time to try pecans in brittle and it tasted great and will buy again.
It’s not hard, brittle like other places. It’s easy going on the teeth and delicious.

sam crum
BBQ has no flavor

BBQ flavor peanuts in the shell has no BBQ taste at all completely bland. and peanut brittle is too expensive for what you get.

Hi! Our deep-fried peanuts are made to be eaten shell and all. The seasoning is on the shell and not on the inside. If you prefer not to eat the shell, then we suggest sucking on the shell and then eat the inside. We sell all of our products for the best price possible even with the rising costs of ingredients and supplies. Thank you so much.

Newsletter Subscriber
The best I've ever had

This is the best brittle I've had. The pecans are clean, its not too hard. And it's very addicting. I love it.

Colleen Chambers
Pecan Brittle

My husband and I found this Pecan Brittle at a gas station in Nebraska and loved it so much we ordered directly from the Peanut Trading Company. The flavor is the best ever!


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